Ellis Prescott takes us to the tropics in a new single “California”. The song features a couple of familiar faces out of the SeaTac region, Laza and Bandkidjay. This trio serves big Soca vibes that have us entranced and daydreaming of wining in Malibu. Prescott’s flow is supported by bright autotune and comes effortlessly. The Seattle/LA-based rapper knows how to keep the vibes lighthearted and fresh. Beyond bringing us incredible music he’s a mogul with his own brand, Town Entertainment.It has been a busy year for Prescott as he opened for DaBaby over the summer. He has also had a number of releases this year such a single in August called “Like Me” and a full-length album entitled, In Love With Heartbreak. This uptake of inspiration is keeping us on our toes thanks to a litany of new releases. With all the pressure the music industry can draw, Ellis Prescott’s single “California” keeps the vibes carefree.

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