Published on October 15, 2019. Author: Pheshay Locke

TownEntertainment’s Ellis Prescott puts on for his city out in California with his new track titled after The Golden State. Pillow fighting and sunbathing on the beach, Prescott has fun in the video, which was directed by Mickey Schwartz. “California” features Laza and Badkidjay singing about fun in the sun to a shawty. This hit will make you want to take a vacation to the beach.

As El On The Cam comes in front of the camera once again, after his drop of February 2019’s In Love With Heartbreak, he shows us what a good time is supposed to look like. The video exudes energy in scenes with partying, the beach, and a mansion. Lyrics like “you really want to turn it up” gets the listener to relive those moments everyone longs for. The summertime turns up.

The beat gives a tropic ease as Prescott uses vocals as a whispering seduction, adding a soothing texture to the song. Layered with the beat, this song is concocted to make the listener groove. The ease continues as the features make the song even more chill. Bandkidjay adds his scenic experience with California, talking on women and starting his day with sunshine and mary. We get the last sunset as the song wraps up with Laza embracing her success with lines like “since I signed the deal life is different now” as she talks happiness where she is.

“California” is an r&b tribute to the state. I’d suggest you sit back and play this song until the beach meets you in your living room. Turn it up where you’re at, even in the Seattle rain.

Source: Dan’s Tunes. View Here